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Calf Crawl Gates

Calf Crawl Gates

Introducing our Calf Crawl Gates - Product Code: KKH/Stel.

When it comes to providing a safe and efficient feeding solution for your calves, our Calf Crawl Gates are the perfect choice. This adjustable gate set is designed with precision to ensure that your calves receive their feed without overcrowding or competition, promoting their health and well-being. The gates are intended to be used in conjunction with our Trogtek Self-feeder, allowing you to create a comprehensive and efficient feeding system for your young calves.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable for Calf Sizes: Our Calf Crawl Gates are ingeniously designed to be adjustable, accommodating calves of different sizes. This feature ensures that all your calves, from the smallest to the largest, have easy access to the feeding area.

  • Perfect Pair with Trogtek Self-feeder: These gates are intended to be used in tandem with our Trogtek Self-feeder, creating a seamless and integrated feeding system for your calves. The gates securely bolt to the self-feeder, ensuring stability and safety during feeding.

  • Enhanced Safety: The Calf Crawl Gates are designed with the safety and well-being of your calves in mind. They prevent overcrowding and ensure that each calf can comfortably access the feeding area, reducing the risk of injuries or feeding-related stress.

  • Efficient Feeding: These gates simplify the feeding process by providing organized access for your calves. This not only optimizes feeding but also encourages natural feeding behavior, promoting the health and growth of your young herd.

Invest in the KKH/Stel Calf Crawl Gates today to enhance your calf-rearing operation. Ensure that your young calves have safe and efficient access to their feed, promoting their healthy growth and well-being. When used in conjunction with our Trogtek Self-feeder, these gates create a comprehensive feeding system that simplifies your farming practices. The Calf Crawl Gates - where convenience meets quality for your calf-rearing needs.

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  • Warranty.

    Yep, we've got you covered, but not if you decide to throw your trough a wild party.

    All Trogtek products come with a 2-year guarantee against leaks or breakage under normal use and a whopping 10-year guarantee against the relentless sun.

    The clock starts ticking on this warranty from the day you make your purchase. Just remember, this warranty won't bail you out if your trough gets caught in a fiery inferno or ends up on the receiving end of some Hulk-style smashing.

    Oh, and here's the deal: don't go placing your water troughs on stilts or installing them in a way that doesn't properly support the bottom. It's like wearing shoes on the wrong feet; it's just not going to work out. Make sure that bottom is resting solidly on a sturdy surface. It's a little TLC that can stretch the life of your trough for many moons.

    So there you have it, the Trogtek warranty - because we've got your back, as long as you treat your trough right!

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