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Road Cones - available in both Red and Yellow

Road Cones - available in both Red and Yellow

Introducing our Road Cones - available in both Red and Yellow variants to suit your specific needs. Each cone is thoughtfully designed and crafted to provide top-notch safety and visibility on the road. With various sizes to choose from, you can trust our Road Cones to help manage traffic effectively and keep everyone safe.

Yellow Cones:

  • Product Code PKG/K (Size 400mm): Perfect for marking off smaller areas, alerting drivers to minor hazards, or guiding pedestrians in parking lots and walkways.

  • Product Code PKG/M (Size 800mm): A versatile mid-sized cone ideal for a range of applications, from construction zones to event management, where visibility and safety are crucial.

  • Product Code PKG/L (Size 1800mm): Our largest yellow cone is a standout choice for major construction sites, highway projects, and situations where long-distance visibility is essential.

Red Cones:

  • Product Code PKR/K (Size 400mm): Red cones serve as a clear warning sign. Use this compact size to indicate immediate danger or to draw attention to specific hazards.

  • Product Code PKR/M (Size 800mm): A mid-sized red cone offers enhanced visibility for critical situations and is often used in conjunction with other traffic management tools.

  • Product Code PKR/L (Size 1800mm): Our largest red cone is a beacon of caution. Employ it to signal high-risk areas, detours, or emergencies, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

Our Road Cones are built to last, featuring durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions and rigorous use. Their bright colors and reflective strips ensure they remain visible day and night, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety on the road.

Whether you're a construction professional, event organizer, or concerned about safety in your parking area, our Road Cones in both red and yellow are the perfect tools to manage traffic, guide pedestrians, and keep everyone protected. Invest in the safety of your roadways and projects with our reliable Road Cones today.

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  • Warranty.

    Yep, we've got you covered, but not if you decide to throw your trough a wild party.

    All Trogtek products come with a 2-year guarantee against leaks or breakage under normal use and a whopping 10-year guarantee against the relentless sun.

    The clock starts ticking on this warranty from the day you make your purchase. Just remember, this warranty won't bail you out if your trough gets caught in a fiery inferno or ends up on the receiving end of some Hulk-style smashing.

    Oh, and here's the deal: don't go placing your water troughs on stilts or installing them in a way that doesn't properly support the bottom. It's like wearing shoes on the wrong feet; it's just not going to work out. Make sure that bottom is resting solidly on a sturdy surface. It's a little TLC that can stretch the life of your trough for many moons.

    So there you have it, the Trogtek warranty - because we've got your back, as long as you treat your trough right!

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